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A Vintage Style Photo Frame and a Memento Brooch

Updated: May 8, 2020

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most effective.

When I was travelling in France with The Mobile Makery, I found a little junk shop with some vintage photo frames made of ribbon in a basket. They looked beautiful. All very well if you can get your hands on some gorgeous vintage ribbon! But what if you don't have ribbons to hand? My version uses simple strips of torn fabric.

Cut yourself a donut from some stiff card and tear some scrap fabric into strips. Glue or sellotape the strip onto the back of your card and start wrapping, overlapping the fabric on itself each time. You can either keep the frayed edges on show, or for a different aesthetic, fold the frayed edges under as you wrap. Add more strips as needed. When you're done, just stick the fabric down at the back and fix your picture in place with a dab of glue too.

The little brooch version is just a miniature of the same thing.

Cut out a miniature frame from card just as before but make your strips of fabric narrower. When you've finished wrapping, stick your photo or picture in place at the back, then add some little ribbons or lace on top. Finally glue a piece of card onto the back. Add a safety pin with a piece of sellotape or glue a safety pin in place using a small strip of card. The brooch would make a wonderfully special memento for V.E day. You could feature an old photo of someone you're really proud of - or simply make the brooch like a little locket to wear any time for a little dash of vintage style!

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