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A Beautiful Button Bracelet

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I've been given two button bracelets in my life. The first one was elasticated (perfect for children to make). The other was wired, but had more wire than button on show. I liked the haphazard wiring, but I didn't like the buttons or the way the bracelet sat on my wrist and so I thought I'd have a go at making my own just to see how tricky it was.

I was always fascinated by my mother's button collection which she kept in a 1970's Quality Street tin. I loved the racket as I raked through them, the myriad colours, the shape and feel of them in my hand.

Whilst buttons relax me, I know some people are scared of them. Steve Jobs, so the urban myth goes, created touchscreens because of his koumpounophobia. I'd rather spend time sorting buttons that be glued to my screen any day!

And so to the project:

You'll need a variety of buttons, wire, wire cutters/pliers and a little jewellery catch (you can perhaps use one from an old necklace or bracelet).

It's important that the wire isn't too thin. I initially made my bracelet with delicate jewellery wire and it broke almost immediately. The second time, I made it with a roll of more robust wire bought for £3.99 from an old-fashioned DIY shop in Callander up in Scotland just before lock down. That seems to have done the trick.

Thread your buttons onto the wire using the pliers to help you. Start with the middle buttons and then thread them on from either end. Be careful of the sharp end of the wire waving around. Don't let it near your eyes.

The buttons will find their own resting place, some overlapping naturally. Occasionally you might have to twist the wire behind a particular button to get it to submit to your design. I made two strands of buttons, connecting them together, and wrapping the wire ends over to make two loops to which I attached my catch. Make sure any sharp ends of wire are folded in on themselves so they can't scratch you. I made my bracelet quite tight as I didn't want it to twist around on my wrist. I'm really pleased with the result and think it looks pretty chic!

If you're doing this project with children try threading the buttons onto thin ribbon instead of wire - or have a go at using elastic and a needle. Let me know how you get on!

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