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Make a beautiful butterfly

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Broadcast from The Stationary Makery, affectionately known as Bambi, and formerly known as The Mobile Makery (my upcycled craft studio on wheels now grounded due to the lockdown).

When I first started thinking about posting projects to help us through this difficult time, I tried to come up with something nice and straightforward that wouldn't require lots of extra materials. The idea was to make the most of things we already have around us and that wouldn't cost lots of money. I also felt it was important to try and teach some useful skills whilst also having fun. I kept thinking of all those parents and carers suddenly having to occupy children at home 24/7. What could they do to help occupy, entertain and keep worry at bay. What better than this beautiful butterfly that introduces basic sewing skills and really only requires cardboard and wool. Click on the video to learn more and see the pattern guide below.

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