• Mary Jane

Mindful weaving for big and small

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Broadcast from The Stationary Makery, affectionately known as Bambi, and formerly known as The Mobile Makery (my upcycled craft studio on wheels now grounded due to the lockdown).

I was really lucky to have a mother who loved making things. My brothers and I would pull our chairs up to the kitchen table (the youngest propped up on a couple of cushions), gloy glue, glitter and coloured paper at the ready to make cards for Christmas and Easter. My Mum made my dolls house for me out of cardboard boxes. A beautifully designed des-res that I would never be able to live in were it full size - far too expensive! Weaving was one of the things that my mother loved teaching us. She'd design little looms out of cardboard and get us to make scarves for our teddies, coasters for mugs or glasses and little rugs for the miniature dolls house family. Nowadays, you'll pay quite a bit of money for a trendy woven wall hanging. So why not have a go yourself. Here's how.

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