• Mary Jane

The Junk Rainbow Challenge

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We all know that rainbows are having a moment.

But you don't have to necessarily stick with drawing or painting.

How about making a multicoloured wall hanging?

The challenge with this project is to go foraging in your home to search out materials that will represent every colour of the rainbow. You might find coloured paper, string left over from Christmas, fabric ripped into strips, an old zip or even buttons threaded onto a piece of ribbon!

What will make a rare red or a vivid violet?

The challenge is yours should you choose to accept it!

Broadcast from The Stationary Makery, affectionately known as Bambi, and formerly known as The Mobile Makery (my upcycled craft studio on wheels now grounded due to the lockdown).

Of course - for those of you who want to use wool - please feel free. Whatever you choose - your rainbow is going to look stunning and will maybe help you see waste in a new way too!

Go create your junk rainbow and send me pictures of what you come up with!

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