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Upcycled plant pot or container

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I'm sure like me you have lots of plastic milk cartons at home, and probably a few plastic bags too. Here's a fun thing to try with both!

Broadcast from The Stationary Makery, affectionately known as Bambi, and formerly known as The Mobile Makery (my upcycled craft studio on wheels now grounded due to the lockdown).


Firstly chop off the bottom of your container. Then, using a hole punch, punch a series of holes all the way around the edge. If you don't have a hole punch, then you can make holes using scissors pushed through, followed by a pen. This makes quite a decent round hole. If children are doing this project, it's best if you make the holes for them first, then they can do the sewing.

Make your plastic bag 'thread' as instructed in the video above. Thread up your needle (homemade or otherwise). To start off simply pull the plastic bag 'thread' through the first hole, and loop your needle through it.

Then you can start the blanket stitch. To do a blanket stitch, push the needle through the hole from behind and then go through the loop from the front. Check out the pictures below. Add more plastic bag as and when needed.

You can keep it simple - like the plant container below. Or you can go ahead and add 'embroidery'.

I did the 'embroidery' by cutting single strips of plastic bag about 2cm wide. As you work they scrunch up and turn into a type of raffia. I used a normal large eyed needle to do the embroidery but I did make the holes a bit bigger using a bradawl (check out the video to see what a bradawl looks like) but you could use a knitting needle. Again, this isn't a task for young children - make the holes for them first and then they can practice sewing.

You can even make a little vintage style basket by attaching plaited handles. CUTE!

Who knew that milk cartons could be so retro chic!

NB please collect up any bits of plastic bag or bottle left over from your project and make sure they go in the recycling.

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