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Vintage embroidered notebook

As many of you will know, I've been working on a new book, Sew on the Go, for the past five years. It seems like an age, but creative projects are often extremely time-consuming. Writing a book is an endless job, and that's just the words. Liaising with the publishers on the layout, graphics, illustration and photography is a whole other story.

Sew on the Go is a completely unique concept. It's a travelogue and craft book in one, with 26 original projects for readers to try at home. Cookery books are often inspired by journeys, and I thought it was high-time that we had a craft book along the same lines. I couldn't find one, so I decided to write it! Ever since I bought my mobile craft studio, Bambi, it was something I wanted to do and so I set off around Europe with the idea of capturing my creative inspiration and sharing it with others. It's not just about craft of course: there are plenty of other things that happen along the way - but you'll have to buy a copy to find out more! Sew on the Go is being published by Unbound in the Spring and it's available to pre-order. If you'd like to reserve a copy, please click on the Unbound link. In the meantime - here's an exclusive preview of one of the projects. I hope you enjoy it!

Make my vintage embroidered notebook:

You'll need:

  • a vintage embroidered tray cloth (linen or cotton – nothing too flimsy or the glue will show)

  • a small hardback notebook or sketchbook

  • repositionable spray mount

  • clear glue (like Uhu)

  • scissors

  • pencil and ruler

  • coloured paper/very thin card for inside covers

Press your cloth flat and choose which bit of the embroidery to highlight on the cover. Wrap the cloth around the book to gauge the size then trim your cloth back leaving 1.5cm all the way around. Cover a table with paper (don’t use newspaper as it might mark the cloth) and spray mount the front cover of the notebook. Let it go tacky then place the cloth on top pressing lightly to make sure there are no air bubbles. Next carefully spray mount the spine and the back, let it go tacky again and then continue gently wrapping and pressing the cloth around the book.

Snip the cloth carefully either side of the spine of the book (as illustrated in the diagram), then opening the book out, tuck the little tab of fabric down inside the spine.

Now snip the cloth at the corners cutting out the purple areas on the diagram as shown. Use a little clear glue to stick down the six folds – again let the glue go a little tacky first.

Measure and cut your coloured paper or card to fit across the inside covers. Fold in half and stick sparingly around the edges and on the fold itself using clear glue. Allow to dry. Place your finished notebook under a heavy object to press it flat. This book would make a lovely gift!

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