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Zoom Macrame

Of all the crafts you might want to try at the moment, macrame is one of the most mindful. You have to concentrate hard to start with, and then when you get the hang of it, its repetitive quality makes it strangely calming. Plus, you can make beautiful AND practical things - and if you don't have any outside space, it's a lovely way of creating a hanging indoor garden.

Actually LEARNING macrame can admittedly be a bit tricky. I had one student who said it felt like torture and another who burst into tears and walked out of the room throwing her embryonic macrame down as she left!. Fortunately, after a cup of coffee she got things back in proportion and ended up creating something really beautiful!

It helps to be sitting next to someone as they learn macrame as it can be quite confusing. But of course that's not possible at the moment. Even if it were, my friend Melissa lives in Lille - so not really within macrame-teaching distance. So. We decided to try and do a zoom macrame session. I have to admit - I didn't think it would work! But perhaps partly due to the fact that Melissa did have a go at macrame when she was young, she was an excellent student. After our one hour evening session (which also involved a couple of glasses of wine!) she'd clearly got the hang of it...making not one, but two plant holders by the following morning!

I think it helped that I had my coloured 'training macrame' on hand to try and demonsrate the knotting techniques initially. But it was still quite a challenge getting the screen positioned correctly so she could see what I was doing! Nonetheless. I'd say that our first ZOOM MACRAME was a success! Let me know if you fancy being my next guinea-pig!

Slide through the images to see what Melissa made!

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