'Institute of Mending' Emergency Kit
  • 'Institute of Mending' Emergency Kit

    I started The Institute of Mending in an attempt to share mending skills between generations. Our grandparents were used to mending their clothes but we rarely do that nowadays. 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK each year, and you can do your bit to help keep clothes from landfill by mending them and wearing them for longer. This kit which measures approx 18 x 14 cm is packed with mending essentials including: a tape measure; a clothes patcjh for covering holes; thread; mending wool; needles; scissors; iron-on hemmiong tape and an embroidery frame (either for working on your garment or embroidering your own mending patch). The kit has a contrast coloured zip. Pink, blue and red currently available.